What people say

Brianna V

My only regret is not finding Dr. Todd sooner!

Todd has been the absolute best doctor I have come across. I have been struggling with so many issues for over a year and no other doctor could fully identify the root cause. Through testing and his expertise, we were able to determine I have mold illness, hemochromatosis, major food sensitivities, cortisol through the roof, leaky gut, among other problems. He has me on a course of action that I feel confident in. My asthma and hives are better and I can’t wait to see where I’m at in 6 months!!

Vallee Johnson

Best Doctor I've ever had!

Dr. Todd really knows his stuff. He has helped me deal with my auto-immune disorder so much when “Modern Medicine” has either given up or tried to treat only mask the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes. I’ve learned so much from him and I will recommend him to EVERYONE!!

Taylore Morginn

New Adventure

This is the first time I am seeing Dr Todd. He is very respectful and gentle in his approach. And I love that his recommendations and protocols are based on blood work. I am encouraged as I start on this new adventure and am sure I will have positive results. I am not seeing Dr Todd because of some health crisis. I am seeing Dr Todd to tweak and help with my overall well being to to possibly avert a health crisis.

Carolyn Pietz


Todd is always very knowledgwable about my needs. very understandimg and always listens s to my input

David G


Short and sweet. Valarie you are superb. With so much going on, and you keep it together is magic. Thanks. Todd, well what do say about Todd- the guy is brilliant. Only hope the supplements are as perfect as he is.That’s it.

Kay Broadbent

So helpful!

Every visit, by phone or in person, is such an encouragement. I receive the information, insight, I need to be successful on this healing journey. I could not imagine getting this wealth of information from other sources. I am so grateful for Dr. Nelson and Valerie.

Christine C

Always a pleasure working with Todd

My recent Zoom meeting with Todd went as they always do….Todd listens carefully and with his tremendous knowledge, his confident, calm respectful manner and gentle humor he puts me on the right path to wellness, without fail….every time. Can not recommend him more highly.

Dan Jones


Dr Todd has been helping me for 10 years excellent diagnostics excellent listener . Always researching the newest therapies and treatments . At his suggestion I was diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome. I will always trust his expertise and experience. Grateful to have him as my medical provider

Pat Pierson

Todd Nelson with Total Wellness

Having seen many doctors with limited success, I am so fortunate to have had the referral to Todd. His help with my very serious digestive challenges has made all the difference. He does an excellent job of listening, uncovering the root cause through his knowledge and professional testing and then working with patients to deliver a plan to recovery. He goes above and beyond making himself available and has always come through for me.

John Tokarski

Will Always Check with Todd at Tree of Life

I known Todd for more than 10 years now and I highly recommend him for your nutritional guidance. He shows concern and has years of experience. He is very knowledeable. I am very glad I found the “Tree of Life Wellness Center”